Print isn't dead

Print isn’t dead!

More and more newspapers and magazine titles have reduced if not cancelled any print run, moving instead to your tablet or smart phone. However, some sectors in the print industry continue to generate revenue.


Large scale advertising and signage still remain popular for many companies. The way the media is displayed maybe changing is some areas from traditional paper boards to LED displays, the design discipline remains the same. Companies still want the high impact, highly visible form of advertising which proves this area is not going out of fashion any time soon.

New business

The boom of startup companies perpetuates the need for marketing collateral. Business cards and leaflets are still the preferred choice of many new companies over just having a website to advertise their brand. Print material has a greater engagement with customers; not only sight, but feel and to a certain extent smell capture the imagination of people. This makes it a more memorable and captivating experience and can increase traffic to your website.

Proves commitment

Leaving a business card makes a statement; the perception that you’re a legitimate company and you’re committed to your product. It a physical, tangible link to you and your company.

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