The rewards of rebranding

The rewards of rebranding

Rebranding can seem like a task that’s too huge to take on, but it could be just what your business or product needs.

A successful rebrand relies on a balance between a clearly defined strategy and a healthy injection of creativity. When this balance is right the new brand reflects the direction and aspirations of the business.

What are we talking about when we say ‘brand’?

A lot of people refer to a logo as a ‘brand’, but that’s just the beginning. Having a good logo is very important as it might be the first thing your customer sees and has a major part to play in communicating what you’re all about to your customers. But, branding goes much further.

Your brand is a collection of things that your customers will come into contact with that work together to build an image of what your business is and what you stand for. In addition to a logo, key elements of a brand include stationery, marketing material, websites, business premises, vehicles, etc. Each of these design pieces need to speak the same language, they need to look like they belong together. This is a brand.

There are lots of reasons to rebrand. Here’s a few:  


Bringing new services under the umbrella of your company, expanding your production, merging with another firm – these could all mean a potential new name, logo and re-evaluation of your brand.


Times change and your brand should follow suit. A rebrand will help you appeal to new groups of customers. Rebranding will also reflect how your company has changed over time, how it has grown, reflecting your success.


The need to stand out from the crowd is paramount to attracting more customers. Creating a unique, fresh brand will attract a new audience to your products or services.


Your brand will likely appear over many platforms, be that in print or digital arenas. You need your brand reproduced consistently and effectively in each of these spaces. Many leading companies have seen the need to simplify their logos to meet these needs.

To make sure a rebrand is for you, consider the following questions:

A rebrand doesn’t necessarily mean starting from scratch. Your business or product may well have built a healthy reputation, so a new strap line or some tweaks to your current logo may be all that’s needed to inject that something extra into your brand. Freshening your look should add to a brand not take away from it.

Alternatively, a major overhaul could be needed – changing your name, logo, marketing collateral – both traditional and digital. Planning and research, with a consideration of how your customers will perceive the changes, are the very least you should do before embarking upon any rebrand work.

These should also be considered when starting up a company, getting things right from the ground up.

Rebranding doesn’t have to be a headache. The benefits of doing so can be pretty considerable. Here at T.Rex Design we can help you through the whole process.

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