Benefits of a graphic design & branding retainer


Is a graphic design retainer right for me?

Our aim is to become long-term, trusted partners with our clients. With our retainer program, we become your on-demand creative team.

Our standard hourly rate is great for smaller projects, but if you have a large scale project or multiple projects throughout the year, a retainer could be right for you.

A retainer secures a set amount of design time in advance, which is useful for a number of reasons:

It’s convenient

Because you’ve secured some design time each month, in advance, there’s no delay in getting started on your project.

As there's no need to prepare and approve a quote for every piece of work, as soon as we have your brief we can start work straight away.

You get priority

As a retainer client, your projects will take priority.

Creative consistency

Using a single design agency for all of your creative needs gives your brand consistency. When all of your marketing is in harmony, using a single tone of voice, it strengthens your brand image.

No employment overheads

With our monthly retainer service, you will have a design team at your fingertips, without the overheads of employing an in-house designer.

Consider some of those costs:

  • Full-time salary
  • Benefits package
  • Workspace, computer hardware and software costs
  • Holiday and sick pay (plus arranging cover for these times)

The cost of employing a full-time designer can put an unnecessary strain on your cash flow.


Whether you need a designer for a few hours a month, a whole week, or more, we can create a custom retainer package that will be perfect for you and your business.

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