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Webflow changes everything!

For well over a decade we have designed and built great websites for our clients, creating immersive brand experiences.

In the past we would spend weeks designing a site, crafting every little detail and interaction. Then we would give the visuals to a developer who would code it.

We mean no disrespect to developers, but often this was a slow and sometimes painful experience as we pushed the developer to build a site that lived up to our vision and met our high standards.

Then in 2013 a new player entered the website design and development arena… and they changed everything!

What makes Webflow so different?

Webflow cuts out the coding middle-man. Gone are the days of handing our precious design work to a developer, hoping that they would faithfully and accurately mirror it.

With Webflow we can build the site ourselves. As designers (who tend to be control freaks) this was a revelation.

We can take control of HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript in a completely visual way, and have Webflow produce clean code that’s ready to publish to the web.

Taking it a step further, we can build complex, rich interactions and animations without even thinking about code.

But, what about Wordpress?

WordPress is the world’s most popular CMS and 36% of websites are built using it. Does that mean you should use it?

Wordpress is clearly a powerful tool, but being popular doesn't mean it's right for you and your website design project.

It's probably no coincidence that so many websites look the same when 36% of websites are build on the same platform. In our experience Wordpress is restrictive and often hard to work with.

Making what appear to be small changes to the design of a Wordpress website can be a painful experience. You will almost certainly need a developer to make the changes for you and often those changes will require the use of a plugin. Sometimes the new plugin won't play nicely with an existing plugin, which sets off an annoying chain of code fixing events.

Being so popular also makes Wordpress a target for hackers. There are some great plugins for defending your site against attacks, but you have to make sure that every Wordpress/plugin update is applied urgently to keep your site safe.

Webflow is very different. It gives you complete freedom over the design. There's no templates restricting what you want to achieve and design updates can be applied with ease.

There are also no updates to keep track of, and apply, to keep your site safe. Webflow take care of that for you, keeping their base code up to date and secure.

Is Webflow the same as other online website building tools?


Other ‘website builder’ platforms like Squarespace and Wix are heavily reliant on templates, much like Wordpress.

Webflow is far more advanced, which is why we recommend you use an experienced Webflow designer and developer.

Can I manage the content myself?

Yes, Webflow has a fantastic content management system. Instead of logging in to the admin section of a site, you can write and edit content right on the page and publish it with a click. There's no messy code work or database management required. It's an incredible experience for editors.

What about hosting?

Webflow offer lightning-fast, ultra-reliable hosting. Their hosting platform processes over 1.5 billion page views a month, which is 2x more than CNN.com and BBC.com, combined!

Webflow hosting is powered by Amazon Web Services and Fastly. AWS provides a global infrastructure supporting millions of sites and Fastly delivers your content in milliseconds.

You can enjoy world-class speed, reliability and security with your new Webflow website and enterprise-grade scalability.


Having a great looking website is a good start, but getting seen is the next challenge. Enter SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

Webflow allows full control over everything that is needed to successfully manage your SEO, and because it produces clean, fast, well structured code it often provides significant SEO gains.


In our experience, the level of control Webflow offers when designing and building a website is unmatched.

This is twinned with incredible performance and rock-solid, hassle-free security.

We are so confident in the Webflow platform we built our own website on it.

If you’re looking for a completely fresh approach to custom website design, then you’ve found the right design partner.

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