Evolving Networks

Rebrand for experts in incredible internet connections

Project overview

Evolving Networks deliver innovative network services and internet connections. Their solutions make it easy to connect users to their applications and to each other. They can do this even if there are connectivity failures.

We love them for their unique and disruptive mindset.

Having provided design support when the Evolving Networks journey began, when the business owners decided it was time to push their company the next level they called on T.Rex Design.

The T.Rex Design team couldn't have been more excited to be involved at this pivotal moment in the company's evolution.

The new brand needed to reflect Evolving Network's position as market leaders and innovators.

The rebrand was extensive. Along with the new logo, a brand manual was produced to ensure that all touch points work in harmony. To communicate Evolving Network's brand values to the world a new website was created.

The branding has been very well received and the founders believe their new visual style reflects their vision for the future.

Our work


Brand guidelines

Website design & development

Document design


Evolving Networks Branding - Logo
Evolving Networks Branding - Brand Guidelines
Evolving Networks Branding - Network Diagram
Evolving Networks Branding - Stationery
Evolving Networks Branding - Website
Evolving Networks Branding - Website
Evolving Networks Branding - Case Study
Evolving Networks Branding - White Paper
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Thoughts from our client

This rebrand has been, to me, exactly what this process should be. This isn't our vision, or T.Rex Design's, but the result of a collaborative and exciting process, resulting in a new corporate identity that stands on its own. We couldn't be happier with the results. We have a logo, a suite of documents, a new website, building signage, hardware, network diagrams and more from this process.

Nic Elliott

Chief Technology Officer