Hanbury Wealth branding

Hanbury Wealth branding

Fresh territory required a fresh approach to Hanbury Wealth’s branding in Australia. Already established in Europe, Asia and North America they chose T.Rex Design to spearhead this new project as they continue their international growth.

Hanbury Wealth appreciates the need for their branding to reflect the status of their clients as well as engender a well-grounded company that will look after them and their wealth. On top of that, they wanted a point of difference, to stand out from the crowd.

Strength comes from the ‘H’ icon – strong and bold, with a slight pitch in the horizontal bar reflecting architectural features from old municipal buildings. The gradient is reminiscent of sunrises and sunsets – reliable, day in, day out.

The branding is consistently applied – be it on a website, business card, office signage or yacht sponsorship!

How we helped

Logo Design


Website Design

Hanbury Wealth Branding - Rubber Stamp
Hanbury Wealth Branding - Signage
Hanbury Wealth business card design
Hanbury Wealth brochure design
Hanbury Wealth insignia leather bag
Hanbury Wealth office sign

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