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Marshfields School is a special provision for students with a wide range of moderate learning difficulties in Peterborough.

Jude Macdonald, the new Headteacher, felt that the existing branding didn’t reflect the quality of the school and she was determined to rectify this. After looking for a local design agency to work with on this branding project, she chose T.Rex Design based on their good reputation.

The branding needed to feel ‘grown-up’, it needed to include a logo that students would be proud to wear on their uniforms and it needed to include the four house colours.

After working closely with the school for a number of weeks the logo design was approved. It fulfilled the brief and included a subtle nod to the incredible support the school and staff give their students, with a reference to hand-holding.

Students loved it! During a uniform consult, 40% agreed that they like the new logo and 47% strongly agreed that they like the new logo. The school aim for 80% ‘good’ or better in these consults, so understandably the results were described as “exceptional”.

At the end of the project, the Headteacher said: “I am so pleased with how well you’ve understood what we wanted the brand to achieve.”

T.Rex Design was proud to have been a part of this project.

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